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Jasmina Besirevic-Regan, '04 PhD.

Dean of Trumbull College and Lecturer
Sociology, Global Affairs, Ethnicity, Race and Migration
Ethics, Politics and Economics

Besirevic_jasmina_2011 Jasmina is the Dean of Trumbull College and a faculty member in the Departments of Sociology, Global Affairs, Ethnicity, Race and Migration, and Ethics, Politics and Economics. Her current work focuses on the Bosnian Muslim identity and disintegration of former Yugoslavia. She has presented papers on the sociology of genocide at a number of professional meetings and has been invited to speak at international conferences both at Yale and abroad. She is currently teaching an undergraduate seminar titled Genocide and Ethnic Conflict, as well as the Yale Summer Session course titled History and Culture of Southeastern Europe in Dubrovnik, Croatia together with Prof. Ivo Banac of the Department of History (http://www.yale.edu/summer/abroad/croatia/index.html).

She graduated from Augsburg College summa cum laude, a small liberal arts college in Minneapolis, MN, earning the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. In 2004, she received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale having also earned the Master's degrees here. Her dissertation on ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian city of Banja Luka focuses on the emergence of a Bosnian Muslim refugee community.

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