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Suzanne Alonzo

Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Alonzo_suzanne_05 Suzanne Alonzo is a Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology specializing on mathematical theory and empirical studies in the fields of sexual selection and animal behavior. It is for this combination of evolutionary theory and detailed experimental work that she was recently awarded the National Science Foundation's prestigious early CAREER award. Suzanne first became interested in the study of animal behavior and marine organisms during an undergraduate field studies course to French Polynesia, and she has been studying the striking diversity of fish reproductive behavior ever since. Her current research aims to understand how interactions within and between the sexes affect whether males and females exhibit parental care. Her field research takes her to Corsica each year to SCUBA dive in the Mediterranean to watch fish behavior. During our voyage, she plans to discuss various interesting aspects of terrestrial and aquatic life in this region, examine what is special about the tropics and how they differ from the more familiar temperate regions, and explore the unique biology of the Amazon and how our scientific knowledge can aid the conservation and management of these amazingly diverse places.

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