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Traugott Lawler

Professor Emeritus of English

Lawler_traugott_cropped_3x4 Traugott Lawler is a specialist in medieval English and Latin literature and a former Master of Ezra Stiles College. After earning his doctorate from Harvard, he began teaching at Yale in 1966, left in 1972 to teach at Northwestern, and returned in 1981 as Professor of English. He retired in 2005, but has continued to teach and do research. He fell in love with English literature in high school, thanks to two charismatic teachers, and has never lost that love. He strayed from his specialty often during his active career to teach all the major poets, and he has taken the Alumni College as an opportunity to teach Yeats, Joyce, Dickens, Austen, George Eliot, and Thackeray, the nineteenth-century novel being a special favorite of his. He has lectured on five previous AYA trips. In Fall 2000 he taught in the Yale-in-London program, taking his students not just to London literary sites but to Stratford-on-Avon and Bath. He and his wife Peggy look forward to returning to England to discuss some of his favorite books and explore further literary places in the company of Yale alumni.

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