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Yet_land_bg Amazon River Expedition Featuring Machu Picchu

Dates: March 3 - March 16, 2018

Total Duration: 14 days

Cost: From $9,395 per person, double occupancy

Deposit (per participant): $1,000

Activity level: Moderately Active

Richard Burger
Anthropology Lucy Salazar

Vehicle: M.V. Zafiro

Tour Operator: Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.

Region: Central And South America


This unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey features a natural history cruise into the mysterious Amazon River Basin aboard the deluxe, all-Suite m.v. Zafiro, launched in November 2015, and two nights in historic Lima, Peru, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cruise through one of Earth's most exotic natural realms and our planet's largest rainforest ecosystem, where the number of butterfly species climbs into the thousands and other species have yet to be classified or even discovered. Led by expert Peruvian naturalists, explore the boundless diversity of nature's most wondrous offerings from delicate orchids to transparent glass frogs and pink river dolphins, to the treetops of the verdant rainforest and the depths of blackwater tributaries. Visit local villages to observe the traditional way of life of the ribereños (river people) and see a shaman perform an ancient ritual of purification. Trip includes ample time in charming and historic Cusco, legendary "lost city" of Machu Picchu (discovered by Yale's own Hiram Bingham), and the Sacred Valley. Trip will include a visit to the UNSAAC-Yale International Center for the Study of Machu Picchu and Inca Culture

Richard Burger

After receiving his undergraduate degree in archaeology from Yale College, and completing his doctoral... more>>

Lucy Salazar

Lucy Salazar is an archaeologist trained at UNMSM and Yale University. She specializes on Inca... more>>