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Yet_land_bg Discover Umbria: Italian Immersion

Dates: July 9 - August 8, 2016

Total Duration: 31 days

Cost: Program starts at $9,695 per person double occupancy (depends on type of accommodations)

Deposit (per participant): $1,500

Activity level: Moderately Active


Vehicle: M.S. Volga Dream

Tour Operator: Conley & Silvers

Region: Western Europe


Live authentically in the Italian countryside in the small Umbrian town of Amelia, a rare find still unspoiled by tourism. Nestled in the rolling hills of central Umbria, Amelia is located 60 miles northeast of Rome toward Orvieto and Florence providing the ideal setting to inspire creative, intellectual, and personal development. During a month-long immersion program, enjoy extraordinary educational and cultural opportunities made possible through Yale's resources and deep community connections. Our program offers Italian language instruction for all levels; hiking in Umbria with a knowledgeable guide; learning from resident artisans and painters to create your own masterpieces; engaging with Prof. Goldblatt in a place he loves; lectures in Italian history and EU politics; book club and screenings of Italian films with lively discussion amongst your peers; indulging in the regional cuisine including cooking classes and eating at traditional ristoranti; yoga classes; attending concerts in historic venues; and learning about the local agriculture by visiting a wine maker, an olive farmer and even Amelia's mozzarella maker! All of the weekly activities are inclusive and optional allowing guests to define what A Slow Month in Italy truly means.

The origins of the picturesque town of Amelia, argued to be oldest town in Umbria, are lost in pre-Roman and even pre-Etruscan times. Surrounded by walls built between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE, Amelia is graced with winding cobblestone streets and alleyways, dotted with Roman ruins. The Romans left other important traces of their presence, including a complex of underground cisterns, which we will discover in the town's splendid Archaeological Museum and during our guided history walks. Today, old Amelia overflows with churches, palazzos and cloisters built during the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Piazzas, cafes, and small shops serve as a living language laboratory where guests have the opportunity to become part of the fabric of the community. With an open mind, patience and a smile you will be welcomed by the
Amerini. Many Yale visitors have developed close relationships with locals and exchange visits over the years. Guests will have the option to live individually in furnished apartments or communally in an elegant 15th c Palazzo with convivial Italian hosts.

Finally, Amelia offers an ideal center from which to visit other magnificent towns in Umbria, known as the green heart of Italy. Together, we will take day trips to Orvieto, Todi, Assisi, Montefalco, and attend music festivals in Spoleto and Perugia. Weekends are left for independent exploration or joining our organized group trips à la carte to Rome, Florence, Cortona, and Norcia.

Harvey Goldblatt

Harvey Goldblatt, Professor of Medieval Slavic Literatures at Yale, is a specialist in... more>>