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Yet_land_bg The Baltics: Journey through Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

Dates: July 14 - July 27, 2019

Total Duration: 14 days

Cost: $8,595 per person, double occupancy

Deposit (per participant): $1,000

Activity level: Moderately Active


Tour Operator: MIR Corporation

Region: Eastern Europe


Stacked on top of each other along the Baltic coast, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are some of Europe's biggest success stories. Estonia, home of the Singing Revolution, has northeastern Europe's best-preserved medieval town center in its capital, Tallinn, as well as a reputation for being the most tech-savvy country in Europe.

Latvia's capital, Riga, is the country's flourishing center of the arts, Art Nouveau architecture and nightlife. Take a historic tram tour of Riga's Old Town and sweeten the deal at the Emila Gustava Chocolate Café. Lithuania, first to reassert its independence from the Soviet Union, boasts medieval Hanseatic ports, a restored 14th-century castle and the UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit, a sixty-mile strip of sand on the Baltic Sea where amber washes up on the shores.

The Old Towns of all three capital cities are World Heritage Sites. Stroll their cobbled streets, enjoying state-of-the-art museums such as Tallinn's Seaplane Harbor Museum, Riga's outdoor Ethnographic Museum, and the KGB Museum in Vilnius.

James Salzman

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