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Yet_land_bg Colombia: From Bogota to Cartagena

Dates: February 28 - March 11, 2019

Total Duration: 12 days

Cost: $7,160 per person, double occupancy

Deposit (per participant): $1,000

Activity level: Moderately Active

Alan Plattus
Yale School of Architecture

Tour Operator: Distant Horizons

Region: Central And South America


Colombia has emerged as a true jewel of South America with its rich and enigmatic history, magnificent landscapes, and infectious vibrancy. We begin in the lively capital city of Bogotá nestled in the Andes where we walk through the cobbled streets of La Candelaria admiring medieval churches, squares and convents. Spend a morning at the wonderful Gold Museum which provides an excellent understanding of the artistic soul of the country before flying to the archaeological site of San Agustín. This is a region inhabited by a mysterious and enigmatic indigenous culture that created fantastic sculptures using volcanic rocks approximately 5,000 years ago. Today statues in the forms of pumas, snakes and warriors loom over the lush green hills.

Discover Popayán, a graceful colonial town which is located at the mid-point in the journey that gold would make between Lima, Quito and Cartagena on its way to Spain. Its historic center is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in Colombia. Visit the Tuesday market at the mountain town of Silvia where the indigenous Guambiano people, considered one of the most traditional indigenous groups in the country, gather every week to buy and sell. Head north to Cali, known for its strong Afro-Colombian heritage. Connect with an important part of Colombia's national identity with a visit to a coffee plantation. This region is renowned for its lush, Eden-like landscape of rolling green hills punctuated by picturesque coffee farms and towering palm trees. In Medellin, modern Colombia makes its statement, offering a dynamic urban setting and the sizzling energy that the country and its people are so famous for. End on the Caribbean coast in Cartagena, Colombia's most iconic city, whose romantic soul inspired Gabriel García Márquez and will have you enthralled from the moment you pass through its fortified walls.


Alan Plattus

Professor Alan Plattus began teaching at Yale in 1986 after serving on the faculty of Princeton... more>>